Why Blue Canoe?

Our Name: Blue Canoe Financial Planning

Blue Canoe Financial Planning (formerly Goddard Financial Planning) is not your average financial services company. When I set out to capture the spirit of our service, I wanted the name to reflect our philosophy and approach to financial planning. A name that evokes the core of our service: helping people to navigate the ebb and flow of their financial lives with a sensible, straightforward, and friendly approach.

As fiduciaries we put our client’s interests first. Over the last 13 years we have helped thousands of clients plan their financial futures. In 2016 we worked with almost 400 households to develop new plans, track progress annually for some clients, and update financial plans that were out of date for others.

We value the metaphor of canoeing as it applies to financial planning. Canoeing requires balance. Financial planning is about balancing the wants of today with the needs of tomorrow. While we savor the peace of calm water, storms and uncertain currents are all a part of the flow of life. Having a financial planner can provide peace of mind knowing that whatever comes, you’ll have the guidance needed to adjust course to achieve what matters most.

Nancy Dienes

Blue Canoe Financial Planning simplifies the lives of everyday people and their families by delivering the personal financial plans and investment advice they need, at the intervals they choose, with transparent pricing.

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